As we age, one of the most important areas of our body that we need to maintain is bone health. Our diet and lifestyle play a significant role in the health of our bones and should be monitored to build optimal bone strength and density.

Particular nutrients essential for healthy bone development are Calcium, Vitamin D and Fish Oil. If you are not getting enough of these nutrients through diet alone, it is recommended to speak to a health care professional about introducing natural supplements into your diet.

Calcium provides structure and strength for our bones. It is important to stay on top of your calcium levels, as when our bones lose calcium more quickly than it can be replaced, bone density is reduced and the risk of osteoporosis rises. Vitamin D helps to improve the absorption of calcium for healthy bones. It also has the added benefit of helping to improve muscle strength, which is especially important for the elderly. The best way to obtain Vitamin D is through sun exposure; however as we age our ability to produce Vitamin D decreases and supplementation may be required.

Fish Oil helps to maintain healthy bone density. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and has been found to help reduce pain, swelling and joint stiffness.

Having healthy strong bones and joints means you will be more likely to be able to continue doing the activities you enjoy. Speak to our staff today for assistance.

Recommended Daily Calcium Intake

It is important to keep track of your calcium intake each day to ensure healthy growth and development.