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What is Compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of creating customised health solutions. McCarthy’s Pharmacy has been proving compounding services in the central west since 1951.

Our pharmacist can compound a formulation from scratch, mixing individual ingredients together in the exact strength and dosage form to customise a medication or health solution just for you.

How can Compounding help you?

Making medication easier to use


We can make your medication more palatable, this can be handy for patients who may refuse medication such as children, elderly or even pets!

Dosage Forms

If you have difficulty swallowing pills we can make your medication in a different dosage form such as a lollipop, cream, gel or suppository.

Allergy Friendly Medication

If you are allergic to an ingredient in medication, we can create a personalised medication for you leaving out the problematic ingredient. Ingredients that may be allergy inducing include lactose, gluten, preservatives, sugar and gluten.

Discontinued Medication

In some cases we can compound a medication for you that has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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