Kid’s Health

Now that holidays are winding down and parents are returning to work, it is back to A5_Tips-Flyer_Feb12-TIPSschool for kids! To prepare your child for returning to school it is important to build up their immunity and look after their brain health to assist them to perform at their best in the new school year.

Research suggests that 60% of mums worry about their child catching colds and tummy bugs from other kids. If you are concerned about your child, there is a range of natural products designed specially for children to help with their concentration, brain health, immunity and to help fill the nutritional gap they may be missing from their diet (as we all know kids can be fussy eaters at some stage!).

Aid healthy brain development and concentration

Growth and development of the brain continues throughout childhood and adolescence and it is important to supply the brain with the nutrients and essential minerals it requires through good nutrition.

Iodine has been found to have a positive effect on IQ development, learning and concentration for school-aged children. When taking into consideration that up to 76% of Australian children may be affected by an iodine deficiency, it is important to ensure iodine is a part of your child’s diet. Sources can be found in yoghurt, milk, boiled eggs, strawberries, cheddar cheese, breads and seafood.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids may also aid healthy brain development. Omega-3 cannot be made by the body, but rather supplied through diet or supplemental form. Sources include salmon, tuna, pecans, broccoli and canola oil. Omega-3 may also help maintain normal eye function, supporting healthy vision.

To ensure your child receives all adequate nutrients, it may be worth considering a multi vitamin to fill nutritional gaps. By not eating the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables and other food groups, children may not be getting sufficient micronutrients and fibre needed for normal healthy development.

Fight off germs from the playground

During recess and lunchtime, whether in the classroom or the playground, kids interact and play, however this is also the environment in which germs can spread from other children.

Probiotics can be taken all year round to help support your child’s immune system and help to prevent or minimise the effects of colds or diarrhoea. Coughs, colds and bugs are spread by bacteria and germs, so building up their young immune system will help to fight these off, as children can be easily susceptible.

Worms are a common childhood condition caused by poor hygiene and toilet habits. Be sure your child thoroughly washes their hands after going to the toilet and before all meals, especially while at school. Worms are contagious; however with the right products they can be gone as fast as they arrive.