What is Sleep Apnoea?

Obstructive sleep apnoea is present when the airway at the back of the mouth partly or completely obstructs during sleep. Your breathing is reduced or may stop altogether. The oxygen level then falls and you wake up briefly to start breathing again. These episodes may happen many times during a night.  Fortunately, good treatments are available to help patients lead a normal life.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea include:

  • Tossing and turning
  • Witnessed apnoeas
  • Suddenly waking during the night
  • Gasping or choking at night
  • Tiredness during the day
  • Morning headaches
  • Frequent urination at night

A diagram illustrating Obstruction Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Untreated sleep apnoea can lead to: increased risk of stroke, heart attack and type 2 diabetes, increased risk of car accidents, decrease in short term memory, depression and anxiety, high blood pressure, weight gain, impotence, and chronic headaches.

CLICK HERE to take the EPWORTH sleep test and measure your daytime sleepiness which can be a symptom of many sleep disorders.

Treatment for Sleep Apnoea includes:

  • Weight reduction
  • Minimising alcohol, smoking and sleeping tablets
  • Consultation with an ENT specialist
  • Use of a nasal spray
  • Use of a corrective splint at night
  • Use of a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine

What Orana Mall Pharmacy provides:

  • Expert advice and follow-up to ensure successful treatment
  • Years of experience in the treatment of sleep disordered breathing
  • Hire and sale of CPAP equipment servicing Dubbo and the Central West
  • Confidential Consultations in our consulting room with options of Fisher & Paykel, ResMed and Philips CPAP machines
  • CPAP set up and pressure changing (on presentation of prescription)
  • Hire to buy option for CPAP machines
  • Easy payment plans



Sleep Apnoea Consultation Times:

  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Every second Friday:  9:00AM – 5:00PM

For more information on the sleep study or CPAP machines, please book using the link above, or call 02 6882 7677 for more information.


What is CPAP?

CPAP consists of a snugly fitted mask that seals the nose, mouth or both. It is connected to an electronically driven pump that delivers a flow of air through a length of tubing. Supplying air to the upper airway in this manner creates a positive airway pressure. This positive pressure provides a splint in the airway to prevent it from collapsing during sleep.

Take-Home Sleep Study:

Before starting CPAP therapy, you need to have a sleep study to confirm the presence of sleep apnoea. We recommend National Sleep Diagnostics – please click here for more information. To get started: 

  • Ask your GP to complete the referral form found here:
  • Call Orana Mall Pharmacy on 02 6882 7677 to book in for a sleep study
  • Visit us to obtain your test kit – we will set it up for you to wear at home
  • Use the test kit overnight to record your breathing and brain patterns
  • Return the kit to us the next day for analysis.