Making a Tree-Change to the Central West

The events of the past few years have caused many people to re-evaluate their lifestyle and think more about what is really important in life, for themselves and for their families.

A lot of the changes people are considering revolve around:

  • Making more time for their families and loved ones.
  • De-stressing their lives through lower mortgage payments/rents and reduced commute time.
  • Finding time to invest in themselves either through sporting activities, education, hobbies or just general health and wellbeing.

Life Pharmacy Group are a team of locally owned, independent community pharmacies that are dedicated to providing the best healthcare to the communities we serve. Located in Western NSW and the ACT, Life Pharmacy Group started taking advantage of the benefits of decentralisation over 70 years ago!

The benefits that come from a tree-change

Chances are you will live within walking distance to your pharmacy, or at most, a couple of minutes in the car or on a bike. Imagine not having to get up early and lining up to get on a crowded train or bus to work. Time is a finite resource, so why waste time sitting in traffic or on public transport. Imagine taking that time you spend commuting and putting it back into your day to spend with the family/loved ones to exercise, study or just to relax!
No longer does living in the country mean you are a second-rate citizen with regards to technology. With high speed NBN at all of our locations, you can have access to all the entertainment streaming services you enjoy in the city.
Earn above award pay rates while living in areas where the housing and rental prices are a fraction of the big cities. Across our NSW country network, the median house price in 2022 was only just over $500,000. Compare that to Sydney prices where the median house price is around $1.25 million and where $500,000 would be lucky to buy you a small apartment.
Imagine having the option to live semi-rural on a larger block on the edge of town, or on a farm stay. You and your kids would have access to a whole new range of outdoor activities and be able to enjoy the simple things in life, such as working your veggie patch, teaching your kids to ride a bike in a safe environment or fishing in a local waterway.
Country living also provides easy access to quality education and childcare services. Bring your kids up in a low stress environment where they can enjoy being kids and play in a safe, fun and healthy rural atmosphere.

With no commute and minimal traffic you can take advantage of the various activities on offer in our country centres. This may include playing golf where the membership fees are cheap and you can tee off anytime!

You will have the opportunity to get involved in local organised sports including all the traditional offerings plus triathlons, running groups, cycling clubs and so on. Plus, in addition to the more active pursuits, all of our locations have a number of different groups with a variety of diversified interests from book clubs, business organisations and charity fundraising groups, through to hobbies such as flying clubs and wood-working groups.

7In Summary

A great advantage of joining a rural community is that you will be welcomed by a friendly and supportive environment where help is always offered in times of need. Living a simpler life in the country with space and a slower pace of life can boost our mental and physical wellbeing.

Smaller populations with less contact, less traffic, less high-density living, and less pollution are a definite positive towards making the tree change. Living in a rural town will provide you a healthier, relaxed and safe lifestyle, making it easier to Live Life Well!